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Trent Park House of Secrets

An illustration of a secret listener, wearing headphones, in the basement of Trent Park House.

Trent Park
has walls
that whisper
secrets of
thpast and

of Secrets

Opening 2025

Trent Park has walls that whisper secrets of the past and future

This stately house has seen it all — a symphony of peace and war, glamorous receptions, and covert intelligence. Walk the corridors that once bore witness to the influential inner circle of Sir Philip Sassoon, former estate owner and politician, whose tireless efforts prepared the RAF for the challenges of airborne warfare. Yet, within this narrative of glamour, a darker secret emerges — the clandestine surveillance of World War II, and the story of the Secret Listeners’.

Trent Park: House of Secrets will open its doors in 2025, offering a space for everyone, connecting lives and cultures with personal accounts, original artefacts, and immersive experiences.

Memories of Secret Listeners

Told by Helen Lederer, Robin Lustig and John Francken.

Memories of the Secret Listeners, film by Christina Wheeler


Trent Park Digital Museum launch, Dugdale Arts Centre, 10th January 2024

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